Oxford Diocesan towers with missing bell information

These bells have been added to rings or recast since the books were written on the church bells of the Counties of Berks, Bucks and Oxon.

They are bells for which we have no founder, weight, diameter or inscription and in some cases also lack the date of founding. We would be most grateful for details of this bell data, if you can help please send details by email to either of the addresses on another page.

They are listed in Alphabetical order of Branch, and within Branch by parish name.

Grid refParishBranchbell nodate
SP806190HardwickCenbck1 of 6?
SP705268Steeple ClaydonCenbck1 of 6?
SP825060Great KimbleChilt1 of 6?
SP900010Great MissendenChilt1 of 81990
SP900010Great MissendenChilt2 of 81990
SU921990Little MissendenChilt1 of 6c1948
SU987772DatchetEBSB1 of 6c1999
SU920826HitchamEBSB1 of 6?
SU920826HitchamEBSB2 of 6?
SU920826HitchamEBSB3 of 6?
TQ014758HortonEBSB1 of 6?
SU827949West WycombeEBSB1 of 8?
SU827949West WycombeEBSB2 of 8?
SU562991Marsh BaldonOxcity1 of 5?
SP426129Church HanboroughWaW1 of 6?
SP249025LangfordWaW1 of 6?

16 bells in 12 towers when the CD was last checked on 20 August 2006