Tower Diary Chilton Visitors/Weddings etc 2017/18

Requests for future ringing will be considered up to a year in advance. We are now allowed up to 2 visits per month, with up to 6 peals in a year. So far this year we have had 3 successful peals.

Please ask at least 6 weeks in advance, so that the dates of the extra ringing can be published in village newsletters.

This page records any extra ringing in All Saints’ Chilton for the rest of this year other than regular service ringing and practice nights. Completed requests can be found in the file for this year
The sound control mechanism is usually closed for this ringing. Ringing events in earlier years can be found here.

Dates marked * are not yet confirmed. Click on any underlined words in the table below for further details.

Wed22 Nov   2.0 3.30pm Branch trainingMary Friskney   
Fri24 Nov   11am 12 noon OutingSue Smith  Newbury Branch
Sat 25 Nov   09.30 10.30 beginners
Susan Read ONB training officer
Mon 27 Nov   10.00 13.30 Peal Attempt Stuart Gibson Chilton

Page last updated 4 Nov 2017.

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