The Millennium project

The Millennium Project

In 1998 a Millenium project was organized to raise money to repair the tower and rehang the bells.

The bells were removed on Thursday, 13 July 2000 by White's of Appleton for rehanging with new fittings in a new cast iron frame. The bells were also tuned. On 4 November 2000 we went to see them in Appleton.

Bells in Appleton
Brian White is describing the work to Rector Stott of Harwell and Chilton
The bells in the first row are tenor, treble, 2,3 and in the row at the back 4,5.

The frame was installed in the tower and the bells rehung on 6th December, Whites ringers tested the striking on the 11th and a first practice session was held on Tuesday 19th December 2000. A new band of Chilton ringers attempted to ring in the New Year 2001 following a Watchnight Service. The tower was open for ringing by members of the Old North Berks branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild of bellringers on 1st January 2001.

A Service of re-dedication of the bells and the clock was held on 7 January 2001 at 18.30, when the Bishop of Reading, Dominic Walker, officiated. There was standing room only in the church, many people came from outside the village, the congregation included our MP, Robert Jackson, and his wife the Euro MP Caroline Jackson. The collection will be given to the Bell Fund, which still needs another 2000 to add to the 76,000 already collected. A celebratory first quarter peal after the restoration was rung after the service. Meanwhile we adjourned to the nearby Village Hall for a buffet supper and celebration, including a special cake baked by one of the parishioners. Page last updated 4 Nov 2004
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