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There are 14 examples here showing different ways of presenting graphs, you can either scroll down them in numerical order or click on the number in the next line to go to the one you want.
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  1. Example 1-1 uses PGplot Ex 1-1

  2. Example 1-2 similar to 1-1 but draws the function SIN(X)/X
    PGplot Ex 1-2

  3. Example 1-3 uses
    PGplot Ex 1-3

  4. Example 1-4 shows a histogram (example 4) and a log-log plot with data points (example 5); it uses also shown is a log-log plot of a frequency distribution; the points are plotted with error bars using PGERRY.
    PGplot Ex 1-4

  5. Example 1-5 shows how to draw filled areas; it uses with solid, outline, hatched and cross-hatched filling methods.
    PGplot Ex 1-5

  6. Example 1-6 shows various symbols used for plotting points deviating randomly from a parent distribution drawn as a curve.
    PGplot Ex 1-6

  7. Example 1-7 shows some of the possibilities for overlapping windows and viewports
    PGplot Ex 1-7

  8. Example 1-8 illustrates curve drawing with PGFUNT (Lissajous' figure)
    PGplot Ex 1-8

  9. Example 1-9 illustrates curve drawing with PGFUNX and shows how to make a 'legend' with arrows pointing to the curves
    PGplot Ex 1-9

  10. Example 1-10 draws a skeletal dodecahedron
    PGplot Ex 1-10

  11. Example 1-11 shows the range of arrows which can be drawn with PGARRO
    PGplot Ex 1-11

  12. Example 1-12 shows the use of PGTBOX for making the scales and labelling axes
    PGplot Ex 1-12

  13. Example 1-13 polygon fill and colour representation
    PGplot Ex 1-13

  14. Example 1-14 is a line-drawing test; it draws a regular n-gon joining each vertex to every other vertex.
    PGplot Ex 1-14

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