Results of PGPLOT examples 2

There are 6 examples in this demo; they show the various elements that can be used to make plots and pictures from PGPLOT. You can either scroll down them in numerical order or click on the number in the next line to go to the one you want.
2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6

  1. Example 2-1 is an alignment test: clear the screen, and draw a box and grid using three monochrome intensities (colour indices 1, 14, and 15). The plot uses the largest available square viewport and and unit window and draws square blocks of the 16 standard colours.
    PGplot Ex 1-1

  2. Example 2-2 shows all the possible marker symbols in a square grid
    PGplot Ex 1-2

  3. Example 2-3 shows the text fonts available, these are similar to the Hershey symbols
    PGplot Ex 2-3

  4. Example 2-4 shows the various line types and widths
    PGplot Ex 2-4

  5. Example 2-5 shows polygon clipping on polygons and circles, and tests that markers are clipped correctly. Note that markers exactly on the edge of the window are supposed to be visible.
    PGplot Ex 2-5

  6. Example 2-6 is a demonstration of many of the line types, shapes, clipping and markers.
    PGplot Ex 2-6

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