Results of PGPLOT examples 3

There are 7 examples here showing various types of contour plots. You can either scroll down them in numerical order or click on the number in the next line to go to the one you want.
3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7

  1. Example 3-1 Demonstration of contouring routine PGCONT using a 2-D Cartesian data array.
    PGplot Ex 3-1
  2. Example 3-2 Demonstration of fast contouring routine PGCONS; this routine may be unsuitable for plotting dotted or dashed lines and does not work for pen plotters.
    PGplot Ex 3-2
  3. Example 3-3 Demonstration of contouring routine PGCONT with labels inserted on the contours by PGCONL.
    PGplot Ex 3-3
  4. Example 3-4 Demonstration of contouring routine PGCONB (like PGCONS but with some areas blanked out).
    PGplot Ex 3-4
  5. Example 3-5 Demonstration of contouring routine PGCONX with arrow labels. PGCONX can work in a non-Cartesian system as shown in the next example, 3-6.
    PGplot Ex 3-5
  6. Example 3-6 Demonstration of contouring on a non-Cartesian grid using routine PGCONX.
    PGplot Ex 3-6
  7. Example 3-7 Demonstration of contouring routine PGCONF which shades the areas between contours.
    PGplot Ex 3-7

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