Fortran Friends Press Release

South East Show 2006

Fortran News: the latest release of the GNU Fortran compiler (version 3.4.6 release 2) is now available from our website.

Polyhedra News: !PolySymm now has all the functionality as the older !PolyDraw as well as the ability to study different types of symmetry. Existing users of !PolyDraw can upgrade to !PolySymm for £10.

Another base for space filling models: the rhombic dodecahedron has 3 symmetry axes, for 2,3 and 4 fold symmetry, an extra base has been made to build stacks of this polyhedron in the 2 fold direction; all 3 will be on our stand for you to explore.

Church Bell Ringing software: We are sorry to report that Anne Parmenter died last month. She was the author of 'Bells and Bell Ringing' an interactive multi-media package which explains how bells are made and hung, who rings them etc. It uses the freely available !TeView, part of the TextEase package produced by Softease who no longer support the RISCOS platform, but they have allowed us store !TeView on our website. There is also a version which runs on PCs. Full details of how to get the package are on our website.

Bell Ringing Diagrams: more simple method diagrams for 6 or 8 bells are now on our website, we have tried to get most of the details needed by beginners on to an A4 page. An example booklet will be available for you to browse through at the show and tell us what other methods are needed.

CD Gazetteer: We have made a CD with colour photographs of Churches in the Oxford Diocese, which includes the Counties of Berks, Bucks and Oxon. Travel directions are included and tourist information for visitors who may be bell ringers on outings or family historians whose ancestors came from these Counties. This CD is written using HTML, the language of the Internet and can be used on PCs and Macs as well as any RISCOS computer with a browser.

RISCOS software from: Fortran Friends

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