More !PolyDraw examples

Here are a few of the over 140 possible polyhedra which can be studied using !PolyDraw, coloured to emphasize different aspects of their shapes.
01 02
compound of a cube and an octahedron;
also the 1st stellation of the cuboctahedron
compound of 5 cubes, with each cube
a different colour. This is a stellation
of the rhombic triacontahedron
03 04
compound of 5 octahedra compound of 5 tetrahedra
05 06
compound of 10 tetrahedra the great dodecahedron,
also known as the 2nd stellation of the dodecahedron
coloured to show the planes from which it is made

the bottom four are stellations of the icosahedron

Page last updated 12 Jan 2009
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