!PolyNet examples

Planar nets made by !PolyNet for the compound of two tetrahedra, (the first stellation of the octahedron). Click here for instructions for making this model into a Christmas Tree decoration.

A 3D shaded view of the polyhedron is shown in the centre, so that you can see how it can be thought of as tetrahedra stuck on to the faces of the octahedron.
You can choose a coloured net, to see how the faces of the 'tetrahedra' occur together. You may want tabs, a more compact net like the upper one, or to use !Draw to add your own clip art or message.

Polynet examples
Cutting Instructions:
If you print these patterns to card to make your own model you may want to remake them first adding tabs using !PolyNet then:
cut along the solid lines
bend the card down along the black dotted lines to make 'mountains'
bend the card up along the grey solid lines to make valleys.

Page last updated 23 Mar 2007
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