Simple method diagrams

Method Diagrams

These diagrams were made for use in our 6 bell tower where most of us began learning to ring in 2001 in a village where the bells were restored after 30 years of silence. We generated the diagram itself from our program !Methods and added extras such as what happens at a Bob or a Single using various books and the !Draw package. All diagrams fit on to an A4 size page; if you have a printer which takes larger paper, the diagrams can be scaled without loss of resolution. Click here to see an example page.

They contain coloured lines so look better printed on a colour printer. They can be printed on a printer with black ink and you can use a felt tip pen to colour over the lines which should be coloured. Please let us know if you find any mistakes.

Each diagram page is made up of three basic parts:

The diagrams may be freely downloaded from here for personal use as a zipped archive in two formats:

The diagrams remain 'Fortran Friends' copyright and may not be sold for commercial gain.

Available methods:

Further methods can be made, but since we cannot yet ring all these, we have not made any others. If you want others please contact us.

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