St. Matthew's Harwell, Oxon Tower Captains

Harwell Tower Captains listed in Guild Reports

1906 - 1939W.Hitchman, Blenheim House
1940 -1947No information about tower bands
published during these years
1948 - 1950E. Cox, Kings Lane
1951/52 - 1955William Corderoy
1956/57Doug Jordan
1958.59 - 1976William Corderoy
1977No guild report published
1978 - 1982Harry E Wells
1983 - 1986Doug Jordan
1987 - 1990Alec Samler
1991Roy G Slatter
1992Alec Samler
1993 - 2001Doug Jordan
2002 - 2008Ann Gardiner
2009 - ?Jointly Philip Roberts
and Debbie Greenfield
Grateful thanks to the Guild Librarian, Doug Beaumont for searching the old Guild Reports for this information.

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