Anne Parmenter's Bells and Bell ringing

Bells and Bell ringing

This page gives information about the RISC OS version of the program ‘Bells and Bell Ringing’. It can also be run on PCs. Downloads for both versions are available here.

This is an excellent educational program for display at 'Open Tower' Days, in schools, or to help complete beginners understand how and why bells are rung. It is a multimedia program with both pictures and sound written by Anne Parmenter using the freely distributable TEView utility part of Textease software.

Click here to see a page from the program. It shows an example of “When Bells are Rung”.

Cost: free to try for a short time, but if you find it useful please consider making a donation which will be forwarded to a local Guild Bell Restoration fund. Cheques should be made payable to ‘K.M.Crennell’ and sent to Kate Crennell. (We will then send one of our personal cheques to the Guild because then they can claim ‘GiftAid’ back from the Government when we send on the donation to them. Any donation, of whatever size, would be very welcome.)

Getting the program via the Internet

Please note that this application is packed using David Pilling's !SparkFS utility. You can unpack it using !Sparkplug, freely available from his web site.
Click here to download a zipped version of the application, !Bells (1374 K), which should be unpacked into a directory before trying to run it.

To run it you will also need a copy of the multi-media viewing package, !TeView. The Textease web site no longer exists for RISC OS but they have agreed that you may download it from here (822K). It should be unpacked and stored in the same directory as !Bells

Running Instructions
To run the program:

  1. either double click on the !Bells icon
  2. or load !TEView first and drag !Bells onto the !TEView icon on the icon bar
You may find method 2 is necessary the first time you run the program.

For a PC.
This involves some quite long downloads from the Textease (now named Softease) site which may be prohibitive if you do not have broadband or similar.

Page last updated 19 February 2015
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