Colouring Patterns

When you have been sitting at a computer display for a long time, you become stiff and need to relax well away from electronic systems. An ideal way to do this is to print out a pattern and then colour it in using crayons, felt tip pens, or water colours.

A sample set of polyhedral patterns is listed below, they have been made using the RISCOS program, "!PolySymm" mostly using the "wire" display option coloured black so that both the front and back can be seen at the same time.

Each pattern is a Drawfile which has a shaded 3D model of the polyhedron at top left,
a name in the centre and a line drawing of the pattern below.
RISCOS users can unpack the Drawfiles from the file, which also has instructions for how to make your own.
Users of other systems can find them in the file patterns.pdf

The list below describes the patterns we have made so far:

There is also a Drawfile, "Nets", which contains 2 coloured nets which can be cut out and used to make into 3D models for patterns C001 and C020, so that you can find the viewpoints from which the patterns are seen.

You can find more patterns in 'Snowflake, seashell, star' written by Alex Bellos

Page last updated 24 Feb 2016