ORTEP III examples


Ortep is the Oak Ridge Thermal Ellipsoid Plotting program for molecular display first released in the early 1970s. ORTEP III was released in 1996 and mounted on the Acorn by 'Fortran Friends'. The main website is URL http://www.ornl.gov/ortep/ortep.html A printed reference manual is available:
Michael N.Burnett and Carroll K. Johnson
ORTEP-III Oak Ridge Thermal Ellipsoid Plot Program for Crystal Structure Illustrations. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report ORNL - 6895, 1996

The RISC OS version is available from here (size 217K)

Example Plots

  1. An alpha-helix in stereoscopic projection, Poly-L-aniline, the structure was published by Elliott and Malcolm in 1959 in Proc Roy. Soc, London, A249, p30-41 (1959). The Pauling and Corey right-handed alpha helix repeats after 13 turns and 47 residues. The thin "vertical" lines between nitrogen and oxygen atoms indicate a hydrogen bond path
    ORTEP example 1

  2. A proposed model for V-Amylose (stereoscopic projection)
    ORTEP example 2

  3. 2-amino-3-cyano-4,7-diphenyl-5-hydroxy-benzofuran ethanol solvate (DPQ+) with atoms numbers and bond lengths plotted.
    ORTEP example 3

  4. Cubane - shows thick bonds with perspective
    ORTEP example 4

  5. Cyclobutane plotted in more than one colour
    ORTEP example 5

  6. Magnesium hexaantipyrine perchlorate, shown with the several molecules needed to fill the unit cell
    ORTEP example 6

  7. A single molecule of Phenyl hydroxyl norboranone
    ORTEP example 7

  8. Co-ordination polyhedra in Potassium perxenate nonahydrate, a stereo pair of the unit cell is shown
    ORTEP example 8

  9. Tellurium tetrathiourea bifluoride
    ORTEP example 9

  10. Thorium nitrate pentahydrate
    ORTEP example 10

  11. Vitamin B-12 coenzyme (5,6-dimethylbenzimidazolyl-cobamide coenzyme)
    ORTEP example 11

  12. Hydrogen Yttrium oxalate trihydrate
    ORTEP example 12

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