Fortran Friends Libraries for 32-bits

Fortran Libraries compatible with 32-bit addressing architecture (Iyonix)

Although the Acornsoft Fortran compiler does not work on Iyonix, the object code it makes will run. The problem is that the libraries, in particular the Fortran system library, are not compatible.
We have rewritten the Fortran system library, removing three bugs, and no doubt introducing many more.
Please try the new library which is included in Fortran Friends library (224K) and let us know of new problems or omissions.

The user libraries (Utils, Graphics etc.) have also been translated to 32-bit compatible code.

All these libraries will still work on the original 26-bit addressing computers.

Probably any debugger you use will not work properly
We shall not fix this, so just use your old method to debug before compiling and linking for 32-bit architecture machines.

Enhancements/differences from Acornsoft Fortran

Bugs removed: Of course, this new library does not remove bugs in the compiler itself.

Enhancements also in Acornsoft Fortran library (see Acornsoft manual for details): I/O enhancements (which may be different from those of Acornsoft so beware).
Page last updated 03 May 2003
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