Fortran Front-End

How the Fortran Front-end works

This allows compilation, linking and execution from the Desktop. It is not PD, it is sold by:
Intelligent Interfaces
P.O.Box 80,  Eastleigh,  Hants SO5 5YX, UK
tel: (01703) 261514 fax: (01703) 267904

The PD version works using menus rather than windows and is rather less convenient. Click here for details or here to download it (224K)

The following picture of the main operating window shows it in a state about to compile the routine 'f77.PGDEMO1', link it with the libraries: PGPlot, Graphics, Utils, SpriteOp and the Fortran system, f77. The program will then be Run.
Front End window

The operations: 'Compile', 'Link', 'Squeeze' and 'Run' can be turned on using "Select" and off using "Adjust". Different compiler and linker options and libraries are chosen from the windows (below) which are opened using "Menu" over the appropriate 'operation'.
Front End options

RISC-OS 4.03 and Kinetic StrongARM

There is a problem with the way that RISC-OS 4.03, used with the Kinetic StrongARM hardware sets up a RAM disc. This sometimes causes the complaint:
'Disc not understood, has it been formatted?'
We have reported this to RISC-OS Ltd who are going to produce a fix to the system. Meanwhile, either remove any RAM disc you have set up before running !Fortran77 or put a file into your RAM disc.

We obtained some RISC-OS version 4.04 ROMs for the Kinetic StrongARM on June 1 2001. This new system cures the RAM disc problem outlined above.

Page last updated 3 June 2000
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