History of the Bells of All Saints' Chilton

History of All Saints' Bells

There have been bells in Chilton since the XIVth century.

Before 1892

There were only 4 bells prior to 1892, the former tenor had become cracked by then and fallen from its wheel.

The former tenor was one of a group of early inscribed examples from the Wokingham foundry made in the latter half of the XIVth century. Its inscription was similar to that on the fourth bell at North Moreton, Oxon (formerly Berks).

Between 1892 and 2000

The 'Church Bells of Berkshire' 2nd Edition 1970 (SBN 901471 46 6) records that Frederick Sharpe visited Chilton 25th Nov.1939 and recorded some details of the restoration in 1892 when the former tenor was recast and the treble and second added to make a ring of 6.

During this period some peals were rung.

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