Gazetteer CD

The first edition of the CD ‘Gazetteer of the Bell Towers in the Oxford Diocese’ was produced for sale at the ‘Ringing Roadshow’ in Newbury, September 2005.

We now have bell data for most towers, but there are still a few missing. Please look at the following lists and help us to get the data for the 2007 edition:

The CD can now be bought from the Oxford Diocesan Guild Central Council Representative.

Bobbie May, 4 Halfacre Close, Spencers Wood, Reading, RG7 1DZ
    tel: (0118) 988 4172 Email:

Price £ 3 at meetings or £ 4.50 by post within the UK.

There are still a few copies left of the ‘Limited Edition’ made in July 2006 to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the ODG. Details of the updates for this edition are in another page.
Price £ 5 at meetings or £ 6.50 by post within the UK

Please make cheques payable to ‘Gazetteer CD’.

 sale of CD
There are also a few copies of the double sided jigsaw which shows the CD cover, on the right in the image above, which fits inside a CD jewel case.

These can be bought from:

Kate Crennell

   Jigsaw £ 8
   CD + jigsaw £ 10
add £ 1.50 for Postage & packing within the UK
Please make cheques payable to ‘Gazetteer CD’.

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