Call Changes on Church bells

Animated Call Changes

animated bell and ringer

Bells can be rung in rounds where each bell follows the next in sequence; click here to see an animation of rounds on 6 bells (144K).
This soon gets boring for both the listeners and the ringers but it can be varied by swopping adjacent bells so that the bells ring in a different order.

We have made a small program for RISCOS computers which allows you to see between 5 and 16 animated ringers like the one above and hear their bells; they start ringing rounds, you swap the order by clicking between any two bells.

Click here to download a zipped version of !CallChnge (119K version 1.23). The program is 'freeware', you may use it without payment, but if you like it and want us to make improvements, we ask you to make a donation which will be given to Oxford Diocesan Guild bell fund for restorations. Full details are in the file 'ReadMe' supplied with the application.

Although all the documentation is included with the software you can also download a manual in PDF format (81K).

Our contact address can be found here.
Page last updated 13 February 2023
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