STRUPLO examples


Version June 1986 for 6000 atoms and 1000 polyhedra.
Draws crystal structures in polyhedral or skeletal representations
Its line diagrams can be more easily reproduced in journals than shaded objects. It is probably most useful for minerals; it is no use for proteins.
The RISC OS version is available from here (size 124K).

We are working on adapting the derived program STRUVIR, which has several other alternative outputs including POVray. Unfortunately, it uses some non-standard Fortran77 code. If you want this urgently please let us know.

Example Plots

  1. Plot 1 - atoms shown as circles, unit cell drawn
    STRUPLO example 1

  2. Plot 2 - linked tetrahedral structures
    STRUPLO example 2

  3. Plot 3 - two views of a zeolite showing how shading the polyhedra gives an improved understanding of the structure
    STRUPLO example 3

  4. Plot 4 shows a unit cell and views of shaded octahedra.
    STRUPLO example 4

  5. Plot 5 shows a unit cell with atoms as circles, tetrahedral and octahedral structures
    STRUPLO example 5

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