Symbols for maps of graveyards

Symbols for maps of graveyards

I have designed a set of simple symbols which use any drawing program (such as !Draw on RISCOS computers).

basic shapes 1

simple basic shapes
extra shapes 2
additional shapes seen in graveyards

These can be combined together to produce more complex shapes like this:

A basic shape with chevron symbol and railings
complex grave no.71

or this shape with kerbs, a set of square stones and a cross on top
complex grave no.128

The complete set used so far is shown here, it can be dounloaded from here in two formats, as a zipped Drawfile(for RISCOS) or as a PDF (for other computer systems)

complete set

The Oxfordshire Parishes map of 1900 (in Zipped RISCOS Draw format) can be downloaded here (74Kbyte).

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