The Fifty-Nine Icosahedra

by H. S. M. Coxeter, P. Du Val, H. T. Flather and J. F. Petrie.

This classic text was first published by the Toronto University Press in 1938 and a second edition by Springer-Verlag in 1982. Neither was obtainable in 1995, but ‘Tarquin Publications’ agreed to print and market a new edition if permission could be obtained from the surviving author to reprint it. Neither of the earlier editions was sufficiently clear to make a successful reprint by copying, so ‘Fortran Friends’ made a new one using the ‘Techwriter’ software and the program, !Stellate, to draw the diagrams. Tarquin Publications then published this new edition in 1999 with an appendix of photographs of some of Flather’s original card models taken in Cambridge.

Later, a few small errors were found in the diagrams of the the 3rd edition and the !Stellate software improved to correct these.

The following table lists the errors found. “Date” is the date when the error was first found. Although most of the plates show three solids, the errors reported here only cause small changes to one or two of them. It is simpler to present the corrections as whole pages which can then be printed and inserted into your copy of the book.

A PDF file of corrected pages can be found here (81K).

20005  spelling mistake on first line
200813  spelling mistake on first line after table
202319  a '4' in figure 4 should be in bold font
200021&22  tables misaligned
200227I Solid: A was wrongly oriented
200232  region e1 now shaded in Fig. 6
200236  wrong subscripts on Fig. 7 legend
200847XI Solid: Ef2g2 had wrongly shaded faces
200251XIII Solids: e1f1g1 and De1f1g1 had incorrectly plotted faces
200253XIV Solid: e1f1g2 had incorrectly plotted faces
57XVI Solid: De2f1 had incorrectly plotted faces
Solid: Ef1 had the enantiomorphous version shown
200859XVII Solid: Ef1g1 had incorrectly plotted faces
200860XVIII Solid: De2f1f2 had incorrectly plotted faces
200061XIX Solids: e2f1f2g1 and Ef1f2g1 had incorrectly plotted faces
200867  Symbols are Du Val’s, not Coxeter’s
202168  Flather’s model 3 has Du Val symbol D, not C

‘Fortran Friends’ are grateful to Guy Inchbald and Mark Barry who have pointed out more errors than we found in 2000.

Please notify us of any further errors you find using the address given here.

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