Polyhedra bibliography

Some books we have used on polyhedra

These may be bought from any bookseller, and also from specialist suppliers like Tarquin Publications. (See Address list at the end of the file.) They are ordered by the first author, first general books for anyone's amusement, then ones for schools.


  1. 'Regular Complex Polytopes' H.S.M.Coxeter, 2nd edition 1991 Cambridge University Press.
    A mathematical approach to the subject of polygons and polyhedra.
  2. 'The Fifty-Nine Icosahedra' H.S.M.Coxeter, P.Du Val, H.T.Flather, J.F.Petrie, 3rd edition 1999, Tarquin publications.
    Defines the 59 possible stellations of the regular icosahedron.
  3. 'Order in Space' Keith Critchlow publisher Thames and Hudson 1969 reprinted 1976 ISBN 0 500 34033 1.
    Includes descriptions of some partially-regular space filling solids, an intuitive rather than a rigorous approach.
  4. 'Polyhedra', P.R.Cromwell, Cambridge University Press 1997 ISBN 9-521-55432-2.
    An historical approach and a series of essays on topics associated with polyhedra. No advice on making models, but a useful bibliography, many line diagrams of polyhedra, and 8 colour pages with photographs of models.
  5. 'Mathematical Models' H.M.Cundy, A.P.Rollett, 1st edition 1951 Oxford University Press, 3rd edition 1981 reprinted by Tarquin Publications ISBN 0 906212 20 0.
    A practical guide to making models in plane geometry, including tessellations, and polyhedra. This book was born in a classroom and arose from the interest of a Mathematical Sixth form in the construction of simple models.
  6. 'Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions' Martin Gardner, publisher Penguin ISBN 01402 0748 1.
    Sections on hexaflexagons, polyominoes, and More mathematical Puzzles and Diversions' sections on tetraflexagons, and the Platonic solids reprinted from his monthly column in 'Scientific American'
  7. 'Shapes, Space, and Symmetry', A.H.Holden, reprinted Dover 1991.
    Includes many photographs of models.
  8. 'Mathematical Origami', David Mitchell, publisher Tarquin 1997 ISBN 1 899618 18 X.
    A paperback of instructions on how to fold models from A4 paper, including all the Platonic solids.
  9. 'Polyhedron Models', 'Dual Models', and 'Spherical Models', M.J.Wenninger, Cambridge University Press, (now available from Tarquin).
    A series of books with detailed instructions on how to make 3 dimensional models of uniform polyhedra and some stellated forms from card, each illustrated with photographs of the models made by the author.
  10. 'The Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure' A source book of design by Robert Williams, publisher Dover 1972, reprinted 1979 ISBN 0 486 23729 X.
    A general description of information on geometric form in 2 and 3 dimensions including packing of spheres, polyhedra packing and space filling.


  1. 'Mathematics with Polydron' Bob Ansell, Lyndon baker, Ian Harris, publisher Polydron UK Ltd ISBN 0 9523815 0 8.
    A spiral bound A4 sized booklet with 36 activities which use the Polydron pieces to learn about tessellations and polyhedra. Each activity has a teacher page on the left, and a student page on the right, which may be freely copied for a class of many students.
  2. 'Mathematical Activity Tiles - the next generation GEOMETRY WITH CUT MATS' P. Gailiunas and A. Pinel, publisher ATM 1996.
    Suggestions for 2D and 3D geometrical activities using regular polygonal tiles, partially 'pre-cut'.
  3. 'Towards mathematics Set 3' J.A.Glenn. D.A.Sturgess published by Schofield and Sims
  4. 'A world of mathematics' G.Marshall published by Nelson
  5. 'Mathematical Activity Tiles Handbook' A.Pinel, publisher ATM 1986.
    Introduction to using MATS, pre-cut polygons made from beer mat like material, which can easily be glued together to make polyhedra.
  6. 'Quicksilver Maths' A series for the enthusiastic, 'Follow the Shapes' published by Basil Blackwell, Oxford

Useful Addresses

ATM, The Association of Teachers of Mathematic, 7 Shaftesbury Street, DERBY, DE23 8YN
Tel: (01332) 346 599 fax: (01332) 204 357

Galt Toys, James Galt and Company Ltd, Brookfield Road, CHEADLE, Cheshire SK8 2PN
tel: (0161) 428 8511 fax: (0161) 428 4320

They supply, Super Octons (5 flat shapes in 6 bright colours), Multilink (2 cm cubes and prisms, which can be made into various shapes), Jovo, sets of multi coloured triangles, squares, pentagons which snap together to make 3D solids, Tessellations, with assorted shapes, a sorting board, templates for making patterns, in 2 sizes, for play on a table or large ones for play on the floor.

Polydron International, Kemble, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6BA, England
tel: (01285) 770055 fax: (01285) 770171 email info@polydron.com www.polydron.com/

'Polydron' supply multi coloured solid or outline plastic shapes, sold either individually or packaged into a series of 'resource kits' for work groups in the classroom environment, including parts to make 'The Platonic Solids', the 'Archimedean Solids', simpler kits for nursery schools, and larger 'Schools geometry' kits. They also supply teacher booklets and work cards with maths activities for the National Curriculum Maths activities for key stage 2 levels 2-6.
also Polydron USA Inc, California 1-800-452-9978 (toll free)

System "8" (UK) Ltd, 20 Shirley Close, MALVERN, Worcestershire WR14 2NH
tel: and fax: (01684) 562040 Sets of outline squares and triangles in 6 colours which can be used to make fixed or hinged 3D models

Tarquin publications, 99 Hatfield Road, St. Albans, Al1 4EG
tel: (08701) 432 568
Supply many types of paper cut out books, posters, sets of blocks, and books associated with mathematics including,
'Make Shapes' 3 sets of mathematical models,
'Mathematical Curiosities' 3 more books each with 9 models,
'Nets and Solids' with the associated
'polyhedra stencils', Tarquin polyhedra more complex models,
Polysymmetrics, Kaleidometrics,
Symmetry patterns (designs made from lines),
Tessellation teaching masters

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