Reviews of Fortran Friends Software

Demos and reviews

This page lists reviews of our software and places from which you can get our shareware or demos of our other software. You can also find earlier versions on both APDL.

Articles referring to our software

Reviews of our software

Several Acorn magazines have published reviews of our software:



  1. Acorn User:
  2. Archive:
  3. RISC User:
    review of !PolyDraw and !PolyNet in Vol 11 #5 July 1998 page 14

Demos of our software

Please note that these demos are packed using David Pilling's !SparkFS utility. You can unpack them using !Sparkplug, freely available from
his web site. The demos from here will always be the latest version.

!PolyDraw and !Polynet


Fortran libraries and utilities


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