Polyhedra Products

Software for polyhedra exploration and display

All our programs run on any computer running RISCOS 3 4 or 5 including StrongARM, Iyonix and ARMX6.
They can also be run on PCs with Microsoft Windows 98 or later with a 300MHz Pentium/Celeron processor, 32MB RAM, 400Mb Hard Disk Space and a Direct X compatible graphics card by using the 'Virtual Acorn' package. Details from the website http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk.

This page has details of polyhedra software for RISCOS, click here for other software.

  1. interactive exploration of polyhedra - !PolyDraw ( v 3.29 27 Apr 2003 ) explore shape and space in over 140 different datasets
  2. interactive creation of planar nets for polyhedra - !PolyNet ( v 1.24 25 Oct 2017 ) and then cut out the net to make your own 3D models
  3. interactive investigation of the symmetries of polyhedra - !PolySymm ( v 4.05 19 Mar 2018)
  4. Extra data discs for either !PolyDraw or !PolyNet
        special offer with Disc 3 'The 59 icosahedra'.
  5. makes stellations of the uniform polyhedra - !Stellate ( v 2.23 7 Feb 2016 )
  6. A comparison table of program features to help you to decide which one you want.

Polyhedron plotting programs


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Wire Plot Red/Green
Single colour
Colour by no. of sides
of polygon face
interactive exploration of polyhedra from any one of over 140 data files supplied. These consist of all the Platonic and Archimedean Solids and their duals, together with the Kepler Poinsot and Johnson polyhedra, and some prisms and antiprisms. Each polyhedron can be seen simultaneously in two windows, as a 3D solid and as a planar net, both of which may be saved as a Draw file and incorporated in the user's own documents.

Data may be saved for the ray tracing program POVRAY, where you can download the RISCOS version. If you are using a PC then you should start from the official POVRAY site.


and shaded images with shadows like this made later.
Click here to see some !Polydraw examples.
A demo version may be downloaded from here (size 397K)
PolyDraw is no longer marketed. All of its functionality is included in !PolySymm.



interactive creation of a planar net from a polyhedron data file. There are 33 data files supplied, including all the Platonic and Archimedean Solids and their duals, (identical to those supplied with !PolyDraw). The net may be saved, with or without tabs, to a Draw file. The faces can be coloured and decorated with the user's clip art before printing the net, cutting it out and making it into a 3D model.
Click here to see some !Polynet examples.
The latest version may be downloaded from here (size 199K)



interactive investigation of the symmetries of polyhedra. There are 140 data files supplied, including all the Platonic and Archimedean Solids, their duals, and the Johnson solids (identical to those supplied with !PolyDraw). The polyhedron can be displayed in all the ways available in !PolyDraw and selections made on classes of symmetries. Results may be saved to a Draw file, printed or as PolyData including a block of information on the symmetries.
The program may be downloaded from here (size 458K)

Extra Data Discs

(You will need a copy of the applications !PolyDraw or !PolyNet to use these)

All have a set of Draw files showing all the polyhedra on A4 size pages



interactive creation of uniform polyhedra their stellations, duals and other polyhedra which can be made from up from 3 components using stellation diagrams and stored inter-planar angles. The program comes supplied with more than 120 pre-stored models, click here to see them; you can either edit these or create your own entirely new ones. The resulting polyhedra may be saved in several formats, for later use in !Draw, !Stellate, !PolyDraw or !PolyNet.
The process of stellation is explained here.
The program may be downloaded from here (size 614K).

Table to help you decide which program you want
Current version3.
display any polyhedronYesYesNoYes
display uniform polyhedronYesYesYesYes
view 3d solids coloured/shadedYesNoYesYes
view planar netsYesYesNoNo
create planar net from a 3d solidNoYesNoNo
add tabs to a planar netNoYesNoNo
has tools paneYesNoYesYes
measure angles and distancesYesNoNoNo
find and display symmetriesNoNoNoYes
print results directlyYesYesYesYes
save Draw file of 3d solidYesNoYesYes
save Draw file of stellation diag.NoNoYesNo
save Draw file of planar netYesYesNoNo
save PolyDataYesNoYesYes
save POVsceneYesNoYesYes
save Stellation dataNoNoYesNo
create duals uniform polyhedraNoNoYesNo
display dual if present in dataYesNoNoYes
create stellated 3D solidsNoNoYesNo
works also in RISCOS 5 (32-bit)YesYesYesYes
memory needed to run program (K)436432578560
disk space needed for program (K)55076200680
disk space for documents (K)128396560330

In preparation

More polyhedra data files for use with !PolyDraw or !PolyNet; let us know what you want.

Page last updated 27 February 2016
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