Examples from Extra data disc 2

Extra Data Disc 2

The extra data disc 2 for !PolyDraw and !PolyNet contains some interesting polyhedra from G.Inchbald and a few non-convex solids from Fortran Friends. Almost 80 data files in all.

Example Plots

hexagonal dipyramid

The 'hexagonal dipyramid'. This is the dual of the hexagonal prism; there are 5 dipyramids and their corresponding prisms on the disc.

3 square prisms

Compound of 3 square prisms coloured to show the individual prisms.


Deltadimpled rhombicuboctahedron. All the triangles are equilateral.

A group of space filling solids
space fillers

Compound of 5 cubes

5 cubes

The compound of 5 cubes is a stellation of the rhombitriacontahedron. Here it is shown with each cube a different colour.

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