Crystallography Software

Crystallography Software

Cubic C.P. unit cell

This software is a single user interactive package which teaches the principles of the atomic packing of spheres and shows how this is related to crystal structure.

It was originally marketed by the Institute of Materials, but they have now returned the copyright to the authors who make it available here for academic use. It must be copied complete and may not be sold or otherwise used for profit.

It was written in 1985 for the Acorn BBC Model B microcomputer, and has been adapted since for various other systems, including RISCOS systems and PC (DOS only).

Look in the Manual for further details to find out which of the 3 available versions you want:

Please note that these files are zipped using David Pilling's !SparkFS utility. You can unzip them on RISC-OS platforms using !Sparkplug, freely available from his web site.

If there is sufficient demand, a version for the RISCOS Desktop can be produced, please contact Fortran Friends with your comments or for further information. Please let us know of any other similar educational scientific software, so that we can add a link from this page.
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