Fortran Compilers and Links

RISC-OS Fortran Compilers and Links

We know of 3 Fortran77 compilers which run under RISC-OS:
  1. Acornsoft's Release 2 Fortran77 compiler
  2. Free GNUf77. Click here to download the latest RISC-OS version.
    This version is also available on the Foundation RISC User issue 6.
  3. The Norcroft Fortran Compiler, written by the people who wrote the Acorn 'C' compiler, but it lacks a debugger and has not been marketed.

Release 2 Fortran77 compiler

Acorn's Fortran77 (release 2) compiler can be bought from:

Intelligent Interfaces
P.O.Box 80,  Eastleigh,  Hants SO5 5YX, UK
tel: (01703) 261514 fax: (01703) 267904

They also market our windows based ‘Fortran Development Environment’ which allows compilation, linking and execution from the Desktop. An explanation of how it works can be seen here.
An updated version (4.33 27 Sep 99) is now available for RISCOS 4 which allows long filenames and more than 77 files in a directory. It will run with RISCOS 2 and 3, but has few improvements over the previous version. Get it from the supplier by returning your original Desktop Fortran distribution disc and a cheque payable to ‘K.M.Crennell’ for 5.88 (includes all packing, postage and VAT charges).

Click here for a list of known bugs in the compiler.

Click here for an Iyonix compatible Fortran library.

GNU Fortran 77

This comes from the Free Software Foundation Inc, 59 Temple Place, Suite 3330, Boston, Mass, 02111-1307, USA
Click here to find how to download your free compiler. We are collecting further information and a list of bugs to give to the implementers.


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