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!Lazyprint (shareware)

prints text and Draw files quickly on Hewlett Packard printers using the HPGL and PCL languages. It does not use the RISC-OS utility !Printers so should work on any new HP printer without waiting for someone to write a new utility for !Printers. It is supplied with templates ready for common printing applications, including two column text or address labels. You can easily create your own templates up to a maximum of 12.

Registration costs 10; for this you get the latest version of the program, extra utilities and we try to fix your problems and think about implementing your requested enhancements. The extra utilities are:

The shareware version (2.52S) may be downloaded from here size 88K


Registration costs 10; Postage and packing are included for destinations in the UK. Please add 1 for postage to European Union countries and 2 elsewhere.

Please note that payments should be sent with your order and made in pounds sterling.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘K.M.Crennell’ and sent to:

Fortran Friends.

We can be contacted by email or phone here.

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