Summary of 'Fortran Friends' Products

This page lists our utilities, libraries and applications software.
Also we have some paper models you can download to print, cut out and glue together and A4 pages for printing, see Simple Method Diagrams and Colouring patterns.

All our software runs on any computer with RISCOS 3, 4 or 5 including the StrongARM, Iyonix and ARMX6 platforms.

The programs also run on PCs by using the 'Virtual Acorn' package (Details from the website under Microsoft Windows 98 or later. The PC must have at least:

All of these products are now free.
Complete versions of the software can be downloaded fron this site.
  1. fast printing utility for Hewlett Packard printers - !Lazyprint

    Polyhedra software:
  2. interactive exploration of polyhedra - !PolyDraw - now superceeded by !PolySymm (below)
  3. interactive creation of planar nets for polyhedra - !PolyNet
  4. interactive investigation of the symmetries of polyhedra - !PolySymm
  5. Extra data discs for !PolyDraw or !PolyNet (available only from Fortran Friends)
  6. making stellations of the uniform polyhedra - !Stellate

    Fortran programming utilities:
  7. Fortran Front End programming utility allows easy compilation linking and execution from the Desk Top
  8. libraries (free) allowing Fortran programmers to call RISCOS system functions from their Fortran source.

    Scientific utility library
  9. PGplot is a portable high level graphics library for Fortran.
    N.B. These are useable only with the old 26-bit Acorn compiler.

    Complete molecular display applications (written in Fortran)
  10. ORTEP III. Ortep is the Oak Ridge Thermal Ellipsoid Plotting program
  11. STRUPLO plots molecules as polyhedra and outline spheres.

    Educational Bell ringing applications:
    (Any donations go towards church bell restoration)
  12. !CallChnge (Careware 5) for learning Call Changes
  13. !Methods (Careware 10) for learning standard ringing methods

Articles, Reviews and demos published elsewhere

Updates to the polyhedra programs
We no longer produce these because all the software is now free - simply download the new version you need.

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