Scientific programs ported to RISC OS

Scientific programs ported to RISC OS

This page gives more information about scientific applications available on RISC OS, mostly Fortran programs we have ported to RISC OS including instructions for obtaining the programs themselves. They are all freely available for non-commercial use. For further details check the main web sites listed with each program. There are:

PGplot is a portable high level Fortran graphics library, written for the display of astronomical data, but useful for any scientific discipline. Full information can be found on the web site PGPlot (version 5.2.0);
Brief details and some example plots can be seen here .
The RISC OS version for use with the AcornSoft Fortran Compiler is available from here (size 413K)
and for the GNU Fortran from here.

Molecular plotting programs using PGLOT include:

RASMOL This program is most useful for displaying larger molecules such as proteins. It was not ported by us, but since it is a very useful program, we have added a link to it.

Page last updated 2 May 2005
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