Fortran on RISCOS

Fortran Friends

Our address can be found here.

We are a self-help group of Acorn RISC OS users who support the use of the programming language Fortran mainly for scientific applications.

We collect: We write:
We port Fortran based scientific applications to RISC OS, including

We prepare camera ready copy for scientific texts such as:

All our software runs on any computer running RISC OS 3, 4 and 5 including StrongARM and Virtual Acorn.
Our PD products are available from here.

Learning to program in Fortran

Documentation which comes with our software or with the Fortran compiler assumes that you already know how to program in Fortran, and only gives information on how to use the RISC-OS libraries. If you are a beginner you will need to study a programming primer such as:

Programming in standard FORTRAN 77 by Balfour and Marwick, Published by Heinemann Educational books ISBN 0-435-77486-7

Have you software to share?

If you have any Fortran news or other libraries you are happy to share with other Acorn users please send it to us at the address above, and we will collect it into additional PD utilities.

About us and our Hobbies

Click here to read more about us and for some links to our hobbies. Bell

Page last updated 3 Apr 2007
Our address can be found here.

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